Armes Chart, has various type of shipping routes for all his customers.

Azov Sea > Blacksea / Marmara / Mediterranean

We can supply full transport service to our exclusive charterers for all kinds of wheat, wheatbran, barley, coal and steel cargoes ex Azov Port, Yeisk, Rostov, Mariupol and also from inner Russian river ports mainly destinated to Turkey ports.

Continent / Mediterranean / Marmara > Caspian Sea

Our team is experienced about transportation of construction cargoes such as steel products, cement, volumed pipes, transformers destinated to Turkmenbashi, B.Anzali, Baku.

Blacksea / Marmara / Mediterranean > Continent

Especially have good relations with continent/baltic shipowners and always collecting full a/o part steel/project cargoes destinated to Continent and Baltic ports.

Blacksea / Marmara > N.Africa

We can provide excellent service to our customer who need to ship construction materials such as cement, steels, trucks, machinery destinated to Libya, Tunus, Egypt and Algeria.

Blacksea / Marmara / Mediterranean > Red Sea / Persian Gulf / India

We can provide suitable vessels for all kinds of full or part cargoes destinated to Djibouti, Dammam, Dubai, Bandar Abbas

For above and other destinations, please get in contact with our chartering team.